Connected In Pain - Ryan Michele

Connected In Pain

By Ryan Michele

  • Release Date: 2018-11-06
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 43 Ratings


©Connected in Pain—2018—Ryan Michele
Beauty in the pain, that saying was a crock of s**t. 
Life doesn’t give you more than you can handle, that saying was a lie.
I knew life. I knew love. I knew family.
I knew loss.
I knew pain.
My life was the Ravage MC. 
Nothing would ever be the same, though. 
I didn’t like change.
I was restless… seeking something I would never find.

I knew freedom. I knew family. I knew loyalty.
Then I learned the truth.
Find healing in the pain, they said. That was b******t.

They didn’t know my story.
They didn’t know her story.
They damn sure didn’t know our story.

She was my truth in the web of lies. She was my strength and my biggest weakness. She was the first person I ever held who meant more than my cut.

We were connected in pain, bound by loyalty, and consumed in lust. Somehow, we had to sort through where we came from to find where we would be going… whether that was together or apart.

Welcome to Ravage MC, Rebellion Chapter. 
Ride free.


  • Love it

    By Looking for a new job
    Love the series from the very first book. This book did have some grammatical errors but overall love it. But way a cliffhanger
  • Awesome new chapter

    By Astronima
    This is Ryan Michele's newest release and HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! The second generation of Ravage blew me away and I thought it couldn't get any better, well Connected in Pain just continues on. This story picks up where Bound by Wreckage left off. However, this story introduces a whole mess of new characters as we meet the Ravage MC: Rebellion Chapter. Rylynn is Ravage through and through. The woman is tough as nails and the female version of her father Rhys. She is scary and not afraid to lay it all out there. I think she could give Princess a run for her money. I loved learning more about her. Ryan kind of kept her in the other stories, but not fully disclosing all that is Rylynn. She is fierce, loyal, strong, and powerful. There were moments that broke up the heaviness of conversations and interactions that had me chuckling. Rylynn had a sense of humor that was all her own and it suits her to a T. I don't know that she could have been written any other way because the Rylynn we get to see in this story just blossoms from all the appearances she's had in the last ones. She has a lot that she is dealing with and I thought Ryan did a phenomenal job giving each layer of Rylynn justice. She didn't shortchange any resolutions at all and you could tell really wanted to write Rylynn in a way that gave justice to her. (Probably so Rhys wouldn't torment her in her sleep LOL.) Crow is Ravage MC: Rebellion Chapter. It's what he lives and breathes and all he's known in his life. Much like Rylynn, he is proud of his club and where he comes from. When Rylynn crashes in his life, she becomes this balm to his every swirling storm. Ryan introduces us to Crow and you will hit the ground running hard and fast. She takes you on a powerful ride that will have you feeling everything! I really liked how he was written and all we got to learn about him. He is a great character that has moments with Rylynn causing me to laugh but also see how grounded he can be with her. That diner scene had me chuckling and I couldn't wait to see if they were going to kill each other or... do something else.  We meet the rest of the Rebellion MC in this story and I can see that I am going to enjoy this new chapter just as much as the old. It doesn't matter which chapter of Ravage it is, Ryan delivers on everything showing that the Ravage bond is present in every club with their name. Some of the key characters we get to meet only add to the awesomeness of this story. Brewer, Wrong Way and Phoenix are just some that you meet. They all help Crow and show that Ravage MC: Rebellion is family. We get to see some of the original chapter of Ravage and they fit perfectly into the story of Rylynn and Crow. It's always great when you can return to what you know but I'm excited to see where this new series will go.  Overall the story was written well and flowed. There wasn't any downtime that made the book feel like it was dragging. The plot and arc of the story were planned and thought out in a way that didn't leave you confused. It built on an amazing ending in the Bound series and I feel it will only continue to grow from there. I'm giving it 5 pointe shoes as it had everything I wanted in a story and then some. 
  • Loved!!!

    By Ryatsko
    Loved this book! It has everything you want and need from MC novel, plus more. Crow, is the president of his MC club, he is fierce, loyal, and all types of alpha. This is just the beginning, can’t wait for more..
  • Loved!!

    By Kahea46/Books n Wine Blog
    ***5 ‘One Look, One Connection, One Pain’ Stars*** After all that happened in both Bound by Destiny (Book #5) and then Bound by Wreckage and the way it ended I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the series. The desire to know how everything would play out was strong. Very. VERY strong and when it was announced that the next book would be Crow’s and Rylynn I was thrilled. Of course I was a little surprised that it would be a spinoff of sorts and a start of a ‘new’ chapter of the overall series, but that only made me want to the book more to see what the author had in store for us and I LOVED it all. From Crow and Rylynn to the...let’s say the path that was taken. It was a slight surprise, but one that I agree was necessary given all that had gone on going into it and what this series and these characters so richly deserve. Now for Crow and Rylynn. I adored them, not that it was, or should be, a surprise considering I’ve loved and adored the Ravage MC couples from the first time I picked up one of their books, but these two totally drew me in. Crow is a good man down to his very bones. Loyal, honorable and protective ~ the Alpha AF label fits him to a T. Rylynn is sweet, sassy, snarky and has a maturity that makes her appear a lot older than she is. She is still young, but has a really good head on her shoulders. As for their journey. It was unexpected, but perfect. I love them when they are together because, regardless of the oh SOOO SMEXY chemistry that blazes between them when they are together, there is also a sense of...serenity. They simply flow well together in all ways. I’m a total #fangirl of the series as a whole and love the direction that the author has taken it. Everytime I open the pages to one of the books, it feels like coming home. The characters have become “mine” and I cannot get enough of them and after finishing this baby, that feeling has grown exponentially. I NEED the next book ASAP because things are about to get real interesting in all kinds of ways! ~ Copy provided by the author & voluntarily reviewed ~